Turnout Controllers by ESELCO

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Turnout Controllers by ESELCO

Press Release

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Press Release

ESELCO Introduces D-IntuiSwitch™ Turnout Controls Ideal For Panel Mounting

ESELCO now offers flush mount D-IntuiSwitch™ controllers that make it easy to design and build attractive layout control panels. They are available with right hand or left hand turnout images. Like ESELCO's fascia-mount IntuiSwitch™ controllers, these new controllers can directly drive stall-motor-based switch machines.

The D-IntuiSwitch™ has a round, 1 1/8" diameter face with a self-adhesive rim that seals flush against the control panel, with the body fitting in a 1" hole in the panel. (See Panel Construction photo.) The compact size of D-IntuiSwitch™ helps keep control panel size managable.

The D-IntuiSwitch™ control is also great for fascia mounting on modular layouts, with nothing protruding to break off during transport to/from shows.

Pressing the lighted blue click dome on the controller toggles the turnout status. The active route is indicated by a green LED. Four screw terminals on the included breakout board provide solderless to power and the stall motor switch machine. The power source can be 12v-24v DC, 10-16v AC, or DCC track power.

The example panel (see photo) connects the controller turnout patterns with automotive striping tape to represent the tracks connecting the turnouts. Free drill templates of the controller face (see photo) are available to aid panel layout and construction. Crosshairs on the template locate the center of the hole for drilling of the panel.

Visit the D-IntuiSwitch™ product page on D-IntuiSwitch™ product page for more information.

Procedures and accessories for laying out and drilling a panel, mounting the controller, electrical wiring, and user modification of controller operating modes are available at

Pricing and Availability

D-IntuiSwitch™ controls are available now. Pricing is $15.95, which includes the items shown in the What's Included photo.

A re-usable beveling tool to aid in beveling the mounting holes for D-IntuiSwitch™ controls is also available for $5.

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Panel Construction With D-IntuiSwitch™ Controls
Panel Construction with D-IntuiSwitch™ Controls
Example 10" x 5" Panel With 11 D-IntuiSwitch™ Controls
Example 10" x 5" Panel with 11 D-IntuiSwitch™ Controls
Templates for Panel Layout and Drilling
Templates for Panel Layout and Drilling
Panel Construction With D-IntuiSwitch™ Controls
What's Included with a D-IntuiSwitch™ Control
IntuiSwitch™ Beveling Tool
Beveling Tool Accessory