Turnout Controllers by ESELCO

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Support (manuals and downloadable documents)

Classic IntuiSwitch™ Controls
(fascia-mount style)

Classic IntuiSwitch
Installation Instructions for Classic-style IntuiSwitch™ Controllers
Classic (Trapezoidal) IntuiSwitch™ Layout/Mounting Templates
Customizing IntuiSwitch™ V2.0 Controller Operation
Watch the easy installation of a classic-style InstuiSwitch™ (one minute video)

D-IntuiSwitch™ Controls
(flush mount style)

Installation Instructions for D-IntuiSwitch™ Controllers
Customizing IntuiSwitch™ V2.0 Controller Operation
Layout/Drilling Templates to aid in making panels with D-IntuiSwitch™ Controls

IntuiSwitch-H™ and IntuiSwitch-HQ™ Hybrid Controls
for use with JMRI, LCC, or DCC Decoders


IntuiSwitch-H 2.0 Wiring Quick Reference Guide
IntuiSwitch-HQ Hookup Diagram

LCC tools:
Lookup LCC Well-known EventIDs For DCC Decoder Addresses
Using IntuiSwitch-HQ Controls with RR-CirKits products?
Check out this protective BBQL-Shell enclosure for the Breakout Quik-Link.

Application Notes
(tips for applying IntuiSwitchâ„¢ controls in specific applications)

Ap Note 2: Using the IntuiSwitch-H with the Circuitron SMAIL™
Ap Note 3: Using the IntuiSwitch-H with the NCE Switch8-MK2

Do you have questions about applying our IntuiSwitch™ controls?
We are here to help!