Turnout Controllers by ESELCO

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About IntuiSwitch™ Controls by ESELCO

The San Juan & Tellurton Railroad The IntuiSwitch™ controls grew out of Master Model Railroader Shelly Levy's continued efforts to find better ways to control the turnouts on his San Juan & Tellurton model railroad. Initial designs were full control panels, which had a good look and feel, but Shelly Levy and son Brad Levy recognized a need for controls that could be placed individually, close to the turnouts they operated. They developed the the fascia-mounted Classic IntuiSwitch™ controls to meet this need, and introduced them for sale at the 34th National Narrow Gauge Convention in Kansas City in 2014, near our home base in Kansas.

The IntuiSwitchâ„¢ control met Shelly's design goals: a control that was easy to install, provided intuitive operation with visual and tactile feedback, and adaptable to different layouts. With its illuminated button and status display, it supported nighttime operations as well, which is important for the San Juan & Tellurton, since the layout is equipped with a combined fast clock and lighting control system that automatically transitions between daytime to nighttime lighting with simulated sunset and sunrise.

Chicago Union Station Custom Panel We also fabricated custom panels for some customers, using techniques and components developed for the individual IntuiSwitch™ controls, and sometimes incorporating additional techniques like the lighted route approach in this Chicago Union Station panel. (Narrated video here).

Some customers requested a way they could incorporate our interface into their own custom panels. We gave much thought to this, knowing the challenges they would face in building the panels themselves. We designed the D-IntuiSwitch™ controls as a solution. These controls integrate the cover graphic and electrical elements of the control in a compact housing that can be installed close together with other controls on a panel. They allow modellers to accomplish professional looking panels without requiring complicated fabrication skills or equipment.

Customer feedback and feature requests have led us to introduce additional solutions as well:

We look forward to bringing the model railroad community additional innovative control solutions in the future!

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