IntuiSwitch™ Turnout Controls

Examples of our individual IntuiSwitch™ controls and a custom yard control panel.

IntuiSwitch™ turnout controls, the easy solution to controlling your model railroad layout.

IntuiSwitch™ turnout controls answer your search for an attractive, easily installed and easy to use method of controlling model railroad turnouts activated by Tortoise™ stall motor switch machines.

Installation is easy - drill one small hole in your fascia for the wires, peel off the adhesive backing, insert the wires in the hole, and press the IntuiSwitch™ control onto your fascia. Hook two wires to your power supply, the other two wires to your switch machine, and you are done.

The electronic controller inside the Intuiswitch translates the press of a button into the proper drive signal for the switch machine, and also displays the current turnout position through the backlit housing. When you shut down your layout at the end of the day, the controller remembers the current position of the switch. When you start your next session, the turnout comes up in the same position, correctly shown on the built-in display.

Advantages of the IntuiSwitch™ control:

  • Intuitive use.
  • Tactile feedback that you have activated the turnout.
  • Visual feedback of turnout position / indication of track route.
  • Remembers turnout state even during power loss.
  • No sharp edges or protrusions to catch on clothing or jewelry or cause injury.
  • Easy installation.
  • Attractive and workable for nighttime and daytime operation.
  • Flexibility in power source.
  • Reasonable cost.

Installation is simple:

  1. Drill a small hole (1/4 inch is sufficient) in the fascia to accomodate the four wires.
  2. Remove the red lining from the permanent self-adhesive strips on the back of the control
  3. Insert the four wires through the hole in the fascia
  4. Push the control firmly onto the fascia.
  5. Wire the red and black power leads to a 9 to 27 volt DC or AC power source, or to a DCC-powered track. (If using DC, wire red to +, black to -.)
  6. Wire the yellow and violet leads to the stall motor switch machine.

The controls are available for $13.95 each, in the following standard route patterns:

Available standard control routing patterns.

We also have a three-switch version for wye track configurations in development, available soon.

We accept payment via PayPal and major credit cards.

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