Turnout Controllers by ESELCO

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Get intuitive control of your model train layout with IntuiSwitch™ controls. We offer two styles of controls to meet differing needs.

The Classic (fascia-mount) IntuiSwitch™

Installed Fascia-mounted IntuiSwitch™ Control

Our Classic IntuiSwitch™ control has an angled face that makes it easy to see when mounted on a vertical fascia. They are great for mounting near their respective turnouts to provide convenient control as you walk around the layout. They are available in six different track patterns to match the turnouts on your layout.

The Classic IntuiSwitch™ is 2 3/8" wide by 1 5/8" tall by 1/2" deep. It needs only a single 5/16" hole in the fascia for the cable, and has a self-adhesive backing so no screws are needed for mounting.

Visit the Classic IntuiSwitch™ product page for more information.

The D-IntuiSwitch™ for flush panel mounting


The D-IntuiSwitch™ has a round, 1 1/8" diameter face that seals flush against your control panel, with the body in a 1" hole in the panel. The compact size of D-IntuiSwitch™ controls allows them to be placed close together when space is at a premium.

The D-IntuiSwitch™ control is also great for fascia mounting on modular layouts, with nothing protruding to break off during transport to/from shows.

Visit the D-IntuiSwitch™ product page for more information.

Special Options tailor IntuiSwitch™ controls for specific needs

Paired Option

Paired Option allows turnout control from multiple locations

Control a Turnout From Multiple Locations

Need to control a turnout or pair from two different locations (like from either side of a penninsula)? Order IntuiSwitch™ controls with the Paired Option, and you can do just that. Change the turnout from either location, and both controls will show the new turnout status.

Paired controls don't have to be the same style. Example: You can pair a Classic IntuiSwitch™ mounted near the turnout with a D-IntuiSwitch™ in a central control panel controlling the same turnout.

Visit the Paired Option product page for more information.

-H and -HQ Hybrid Options

-H (hybrid) IntuiSwitch work with DCC, LCC, and JMRI decoder boards

For Interfacing with DCC and LCC Decoders and JMRI

IntuiSwitch™ controls with the -H or -HQ Hybrid Options look and feel the same as our standard controls, but contain different internal circuitry.

Instead of directly driving a stall-motor-based turnout, -H and -HQ IntuiSwitches provide input to a DCC, LCC, or JMRI decoder board which drives the turnout. Status output from the decoder board is fed back to the IntuiSwitch for display.

Visit the -H IntuiSwitch product page for more information.

IntuiSwitch™ controls feature these advantages:

Now shipping: Enhanced IntuiSwitch™ controls (V2.0) with:

Fascia-mounted IntuiSwitch™ controls mounted near their respective turnouts provide convenient control, as you can see in this photo of the layout of Pete Vollmer (Williamsburg, VA):

Fascia-mounted IntuiSwitch™ controls mounted near their respective turnouts on this layout by Pete Vollmer (of Williamsburg, VA) provide convenient control.

IntuiSwitch™ turnout controls, the attractive, easy solution to controlling your model railroad layout.

Pricing is $15.95 each for either style (Classic IntuiSwitch™ or D-IntuiSwitch™) control.

We accept payment via PayPal and major credit cards.