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Beveling Tool (D-IntuiSwitch™ Installation Aid)

Beveling tool to aid D-IntuiSwitch™ installation The mounting hole for D-IntuiSwitch™ controls needs to be beveled on the front of the panel for proper installation. This accomodates the small lip beneath the facing at the top of the housing that keeps the control from pushing completely through the hole. You can do the beveling with a file, sandpaper, or a hobby knife, but the beveling tool we designed just for this purpose makes the task easier, and controls the depth of bevel to assure proper installation.

Just insert the tool in the 1" hole you've drilled in the panel. Then rotate the knob while applying pressure. The tool body keeps it centered in the hole, while its sandpaper bevels the edge at a 45 degree angle. Feet on the knob of the tool limit the depth of the bevel to the proper level. The sandpaper can easily be replaced as it gets worn down after using the tool to bevel multiple holes.

The (non-adhesive) bevel test ring supplied with each D-IntuiSwitch control has the same profile as the control. When you have beveled the hole sufficiently, the top of the test ring will sit flush with the panel when the test ring is placed in the hole.

Exploded view of the beveling tool

After the hole has been beveled, wipe any dust away from around the hole. Remove the protective backing from the cover of the D-IntuiSwitch™ to expose the adhesive. Align the cover of the D-IntuiSwitch™ with your panel artwork and press it in to place. You can then use the burnishing tray that comes with the beveling tool to firmly apply pressure to the D-IntuiSwitch™ to insure good adhesion. Place the tray over the D-IntuiSwitch™ with the hole in the tray centerd over the dome on the D-IntuiSwitch™. Put the beveling tool in the tray, and push it against the D-IntuiSwitch™ while rotating the knob back and forth a few times.

The tool is $5, or free when ordered with 5 or more D-IntuiSwitch controls.

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